As Aids Hilfe Wien it is our goal to provide relevant information on a regular basis. Here you can find our brochures, folders, publications and activity reports.

General information on HIV and STDs

Flyer: Allgemeine Informationen zum Thema HIV

This folder provides information in German on how infection and protection against HIV work.

Sexuell Gesund

Flyer: Sexuell Gesund

Sexually Healthy - Info on STDs flyer, available in print in 14 languages


Flyer: HIV in Piktogrammen erklärt

This brochure explains in simple pictograms and several languages where there are risks and where there are no risks of contracting HIV.

Flyer: PEP - First aid after a sex accident

This leaflet informs how to obtain the PEP

Flyer: Syphilis

This flyer provides information in German on the topic of syphilis

Flyer: Hepatitis C

This flyer provides information in German on the topic of syphilis

Youth Topics

Brochure: Condoms? For sure!

Let's talk about sex(uality)


Guide for youth workshops (Only in German)

Guide to teaching content around sexual health, HIV & STDs.


Manual for teachers (Only in German)

The manual is specifically for teachers who want to work independently with their students on the topics of sexuality, sexual health and discrimination.

Brochure: Sexual Health

Manual on pedagogical work with young people with migration biography and/or refugee experience (Only in German)

Queer Topics


Folder: PrEP KomPaktes Wissen

What to know about PrEP - in German and English

Sexuelle Vielfalt

Flyer: Sexual diversity

Sexual identity -
what is it? (Only in German!)

Besser Blasen

Flyer: Better blowing

You want to know about the risks doing a blow job? (Only in German!)

Flyer: PEP - First aid after a sex accident

This folder provides information in German on how PEP works after a sexual accident. (Only in German!)


Folder: Pregnant women and HIV

Health for you and your child. In different languages.

Info for migrants

I'm sexy Deutsch

Leporello: I'm sexy cause I know it

I regularly do an HIV test

Folder: Offers for migrants

Offers in German and English


Brochure: Guidebook Law

The guidebook is aimed at those affected, their relatives and friends, as well as all those who want to gain an overview - also for
their professional activities. (Only in German)


Brochure: Active against discrimination

This brochure provides an overview of relevant legal principles around the topic of HIV and is intended to actively counteract discrimination by
providing information. (Only in German)


Anti-discrimination report

The reports represent the joint
anti-discrimination work of the AIDS-Hilfen Austria and can be read and downloaded here.  (Only in German)

Health and social sector

A Guide to HIV/AIDS for Health and Social Workers. (Only in German)

A Guide to HIV/AIDS for Health and Social Workers. (Only in German)


Brochure: Sexual Health

Information for health workers


Action guide - Acute HIV infection in
general medical practice: think about it and test! (Only in German)

An information of the Medical Association for Vienna, the AIDS-Hilfen Österreichs, the Austrian AIDS Society and the ÖGNÄ-HIV

Hepatitis A/B/C

Flyer Hepatitis A

Information on hepatitis A

Flyer Hepatitis B

Information on hepatitis B

Flyer Hepatitis C

Information on hepatitis C

ГЕПАТИТ факты и информация


European MSM Internet Survey EMis 2017

Country report for Austria (Only in German)

Position Papers

Statement on "Open blood donation - save lives!" (19/PET)

Our statement to the Austrian Parliament
(14 August 2020) (Only in German!)

Position Paper "Blood Donation without Discrimination"

When it comes to access to blood donation, the individual risk behaviour of donors must count - not sexual orientation or gender identity!
(16 March 2021) (Only in German!)

Opinion on the Hate on the Net legislative package (52/ME, 50/ME, 48/ME)

Statement by Aids Hilfe Wien on Ministerial Drafts 52/ME, 50/ME and 48/ME with regard to planned changes in legislation against hate on the net (17 September 2020) (Only in German!)

Positionspapier der Aidshilfen Österreichs zu §178 und §179 StGB

Gegen Diskriminierung vor Gericht (6.10.2021)


Activity Reports

Activity and financial reports of Aids Hilfe Wien

Read here what Aids Hilfe Wien has achieved in the past years. (Only in German)

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