I'll take an HIV test...

You too?

HIV can affect anyone who is sexually active. A test is easy and brings you clarity.  So that HIV does not become AIDS. 

Therefore #einfachtesten.

The campaign #einfachtesten

Taking the test is quick and easy. You can have it done by your general practitioner, at your AIDS help centre (free and anonymous) or at a laboratory. Or you can buy a self-test at the pharmacy and do the test at home.

Spread the Word!

The more people know how easy it is to get an HIV test and that it's good to get #simplestested, the easier it will be for all of us to work together to prevent HIV from becoming AIDS. Therefore download our materials or order them from us, support us on all our social media channels or be a testimonial for our campaign and send us a photo with your first name and quote to einfachtesten@aids-hilfe-wien.at and we will publish you on the website. 

Why #einfachtesten?

HIV sieht man niemandem an. Eine HIV-positive Person kann gesund aussehen und sich gesund Person kann gesund aussehen und sich gesund fühlen und das Virus trotzdem an andere weiter – ohne es zu wissen.

HIV kann Männer* und Frauen* jeden Alters, jeder sexuellen Orientierung, in Ehen und jeder sexuellen Orientierung, in Ehen und Partner*innenschaften treffen. Auch für dich ist es daher wichtig, an HIV zu denken.

Talk to your doctor about it or contact the AIDS helpline.

#Einfachtesten - Better Early Than Late


An HIV infection can go unnoticed for many years until the immune system is so weak that the disease AIDS breaks out.

But this does not have to be the case: ean early HIV diagnosis gives you the opportunity to quickly take medication against the HIV infection. HIV is not curable, but it is very treatable today. Thanks to the medication, people with HIV have almost the same life expectancy as people without HIV and a good quality of life.

Protect your health by taking the HIV test!

Protect your health by taking the HIV test!

Only an HIV test can tell you whether you have HIV
or not. You should especially take an HIV test
- if you do not use condoms during sex
- if you do not know the HIV status of your partner
- if you have sex with different people.

The test is quick and easy.You can get it done at
your general practitioner, your AIDS-
help (free and anonymous) or at a laboratory
Or you can buy a self-test at the pharmacy and do the test at home.

Better early than late - here are some really good reasons to take an HIV test:
  • An HIV test is easy and also possible anonymously.
  • If your test comes back negative, you can
    continue to protect yourself from HIV.
  • If you have HIV, you can protect others from infection.
  • HIV is easily treatable today. HIV drugs suppress the multiplication of the viruses in the body and thus prevent the occurrence of AIDS.
  • People with HIV who take HIV therapy cannot pass the virus on to others, not even during sex or to babies during pregnancy.


If the test is positive, you are not alone. Your doctor and the AIDS-Hilfe will be happy to advise and support you.

Info for doctors

General practitioners play a key role in the early diagnosis of HIV.
Here you will find our offer with which we would like to support you in the best possible way!

Despite the great successes in research, education and care, the proportion of late HIV diagnoses in Austria is about 40 percent. This has an impact on the health prognosis of the people affected.


In order to provide you with the best possible support on all issues related to HIV, we have written a guide for action and offer training for general practitioners.

In this brochure you will find practical tips for discussing the sexual health of your patients, an overview of the current HIV tests and important addresses for further referral.  (ONLY IN GERMAN)

You can also order the action guide in the quantity you need at einfachtesten@aids-hilfe-wien.at

Handlungsleitfaden für Allgemeinmediziner*innen

Further training for general practitioners (Only in German!)

#einfachtesten – Fortbildung für Mediziner*innen in Niederösterreich 
(In Kooperation mit der Ärztekammer Niederösterreich) 

18. MAI 2021, 18:30 – 20:00 UHR


#einfachtesten – Fortbildung für Mediziner*innen in Der Steiermark
(In Kooperation mit der Ärztekammer Steiermark) 

1. JUNI 2021, 18:30 – 20:00 UHR



#einfachtesten – Fortbildung für Mediziner*innen in Wien
(In Kooperation mit der Ärztekammer Wien) 

7. JUNI 2021, 18:30 – 20:00 UHR


#einfachtesten – Fortbildung für Mediziner*innen in Oberösterreich
(In Kooperation mit der Ärztekammer Oberöstereich) 

15. JUNI 2021, 18:30 – 20:00 UHR


Order materials

Here you can order or download materials

Du kannst alle unsere Materialien entweder hier herunterladen oder ganz einfach unter einfachtesten@aids-hilfe-wien.at (auch in größerer Stückzahl) bestellen.  Bitte gib einfach an, was du willst: XX Stück Folder #einfachtesten, XX Stück Plakate A4, XX Stück Plakate A3, XX Stück Plakate #einfachtesten Pride Edition, XX Stück Folder #einfachtesten – SaferSex und SaferUse, XX Stück Plakate #einfachtesten – SaferSex und SaferUse XX Stück Handlungsleitfaden für Mediziner*innen


We would like to thank all our cooperation partners 

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