Are HIV-positive people automatically in the risk group?

According to current knowledge, experts agree that this is true at least for a successfully treated HIV infection. Previously published observations of HIV-positive COVID-19 patients do not suggest an increased risk of a severe course due to the HIV infection. This also applies to almost all HIV-positive people in Austria who know their HIV status and are in medical care.

A CD4 cell count below 200/µl and an untreated HIV infection, on the other hand, are considered potential risk factors by international professional societies. However, no data are available on the actual influence of these factors on COVID-19 progression.

The risk is primarily subject to other parameters, such as age or existing comorbidities. The risk assessment for HIV-positive people can therefore only be made individually by the treating doctors. Receiving the letter from the umbrella organisation does not automatically mean that you belong to the risk group.

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