Psychological support during monkeypox quarantine

Domestic isolation can be very stressful and have an impact on the psyche

    • Feelings of frustration, boredom, depression, worry, anxiety, panic, brooding or loneliness may occur.
    • such feelings are completely normal in exceptional situations, such as domestic isolation and quarantine


Our psychologists will help you to cope with this challenging time by guiding you and helping you to find the right strategies to cope with the situation.

The counselling service is aimed at people who have contracted monkeypox, are therefore in quarantine and are looking for support.

We support you with telephone counselling and relief and, if necessary, referral to further support services.

Call +43 1 599 37 - 8426 for psychological counselling.

If you want to find out more about monkeypox, you can visit our website ( ) , call +43 1 599 37 - 8426<or email

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