The Albuquerque Global Balloon Fiesta: The Planet’s Largest Heat Balloon Event Takes Romance to New Heights

The Short Version: if you need your own big date to take-off, you should pay a visit to the Albuquerque Global Balloon Fiesta, an one-of-a-kind festival in the heart of brand-new Mexico. Through the nine-day occasion in Oct, over 550 colorful and unique heat balloons launch to the heavens and produce an amazing view for residents and visitors alike. The Balloon Fiesta could be the planet’s largest balloon event (with more than 850,000 attendees), and it’s really regarding the container list of lots of trip enthusiasts, professional photographers, and world tourists. Couples can linger all night talking-to pilots, researching balloon vacation, and appreciating unique shows and competitions in 78-acre Balloon Fiesta Park. Since 1972, this world-class event has wowed attendees with coordinated releases, balloonist games, and daily shows. Both you and your love interest are swept up because of the intimate and colourful environment within annual Balloon Fiesta.


Every October, numerous hot air balloons fill the Albuquerque air with shade. Lots of lovers sit on blankets or grass chairs in an open industry to watch teams of pro balloonists launch bright-colored, eye-catching balloons into the atmosphere. Many people on the ground revolution into fortunate people riding aloft in a floating parade like not any other.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta provides nine days of creative enjoyment. Possible take a night out together and go out non-stop talking-to pilots and viewing balloons of each and every tone take to the heavens. From morning to belated night, the celebrations provide folks something you should see and carry out together. The Balloon shine, AfterGlow™ Fireworks Show, and various other daily shows dazzle attendees with gorgeous, high-tech demonstrations. Attendees can marvel at illuminated hot-air balloons while the sunshine goes down or appreciate a high-tech laser light tv series under a canopy of stars.

The yearly Balloon Fiesta is actually full of enjoyable activities to do and find out. You’ll be able to spend every single day seeing balloon rodeos, paying attention to stay music, eating road food, and speaking with balloonists at world’s largest balloon festival.

Plus, if you’re searching for a way to sweep the go out off his / her foot, you’ll be able to get a balloon trip with Rainbow Ryders. Normally very coveted spots, you’ll have to reserve early to reserve your seat. Whether you are here with your loved ones or a date, you can get caught up (sometimes actually) in this magnificent nine-day occasion.

„It really is the family occasion,“ mentioned Tom Garrity, a representative when it comes down to Balloon Fiesta. „It brings people together in many ways, and it’s good proving soil for an initial day or a wedding proposition.“

A 9-Day Event Uplifting People of All Ages Since 1972

In 1972, an Albuquerque radio section involved to reach their 50th wedding, as well as the staff planned to commemorate in fashion. They attained over to a well-known regional pilot exactly who accumulated his friends to launch 13 hot air balloons throughout the special day. On a very clear afternoon, an excited audience of journey enthusiasts endured in a shopping shopping center parking area to watch the balloons try air. The event ended up being therefore remarkable and well-received the organizers made a decision to enable it to be an annual practice, raising it inside international event it is today.

Throughout the years, it took on a life of a unique, now a nonprofit organization, which includes 13 paid staffers and a huge selection of volunteers, organizes the annual fiesta. These days, the Balloon Fiesta introduces over 550 hot air balloons every October, weather condition permitting. This excellent event takes place at Balloon Fiesta Park, a 78-acre area in which over 850,000 balloon lovers, sightseers, family members, and lovers gather to enjoy the biggest ballooning event around the globe.

Another Balloon Fiesta begins Oct. 6, 2018 and run until Oct. 14. General entrance tickets are priced at ten dollars per person and can include entry towards the occasion as well as all on-site activities throughout the day or evening of go to. The playground starts at 4:30 a.m. each and every morning and once again at 3:30 p.m. for 5 nights. Any time you appear in the early morning, you will need to purchase another basic entry pass to come back in the evening.

In case you are operating for the event, you can easily spend only a little added for vehicle parking seats. The Balloon Fiesta even offers park-and-ride tickets such as round-trip transportation back and forth the Balloon Fiesta Park from five shuttle areas in the town. Like that, both you and your go out can miss every website traffic to get straight away to the enjoyment component. You should buy these seats using the internet prior to the occasion starts, and all of tickets are non-refundable.

550+ Balloons Launch in Early-Morning bulk Ascensions

The Albuquerque Foreign Balloon Fiesta promises the concept of the world’s most photographed event, and it’s easy to see the reason why. Hundreds of heat balloons of most shapes and forms drift across the sky like multi-colored clouds. You can’t note that any place else. From crazy and cartoonish designs to more traditional checkered designs, the balloonists showcase their own creativeness in hopes of impressing big crowds of locals and tourists.

The big event’s early-morning Mass Ascensions give people a reason to wake-up early, down a walk, and visit the playground with a breakfast burrito in hand. At 7 a.m. on mark, professional balloonists organize with one another to start their unique balloons one by one till the air is filled with 550+ balloons. These releases happen on Saturday and Sunday of both vacations throughout Balloon Fiesta.

The bulk Ascension is actually a breathtaking picture and requires a significant number of ability and knowledge to pull off. Thankfully, the Balloon Fiesta provides taught launch directors, referred to as zebras due to their black-and-white uniforms, to ensure the event works effortlessly and properly.

The Balloon Fiesta is a conference like not one, so it is a wonderful location to make special memories with that special someone. During the occasion, you’ll go on the list of balloons and speak with the pilots, who are only also very happy to explain the internal workings of flights. Their passion for ballooning is actually favorably infectious, and other people cannot assist but be satisfied while they stay among imposing balloons of most shades.

There’s plenty to do from sunup from sundown. Event attendees will enjoy a music fiesta, movie fest, chainsaw carving competition, balloon rodeo, alongside unique products about fairgrounds. Over 90 sellers and concession stands on Concession Row tempt individuals to seize a snack or a souvenir while they tour the region.

Need a discussion beginner? Then you can visit the north end of Main Street where in actuality the Balloon Discovery Center showcases interactive exhibits that lay out a brief history of ballooning in addition to technology behind how it operates. Over 30,000 visitors visit this academic heart every single year, making it widely known appeal on event.

„You don’t have to end up being a pilot to understand what’s happening right here,“ Tom mentioned. „individuals from various different backgrounds arrive at the Balloon Fiesta since they just love flight.“

Over 850,000 People Enjoy a One-of-a-Kind Experience

From the release from the Dawn Patrol at 6 a.m. for the fireworks spectacular at 8 p.m., the Balloon Fiesta presents an action-packed day of awe-inspiring shows and remarkable places. Over 850,000 folks attend the nine-day occasion, and additionally they come away understanding they have witnessed one thing unique.

„it was one thing we had been truly getting excited about, also it couldn’t disappoint,“ stated Denise Hudson-Kammerer in a fb overview. „Amazing and somewhat daunting. Really it is worth the travel. I would recommend this to everyone.“

„many dazzling balloon event you will definitely actually ever see!“ — Jamie solid, an attendee during the 2017 Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque

„among the best experiences of my life,“ mentioned Valenzano Bergquist eagerly. „Not only to witness all fabulous balloons floating around, increasing floating around, the night glows… but to be in a balloon was actually one excellent time!“

Cesar Quezada mentioned he looks forward to the Balloon Fiesta from year to year. „It is certainly my favorite things you can do in brand-new Mexico!“ he said. „i enjoy the balloons, the suppliers, the weather, and merely all round vibe on the event.“

Lots of people through the years have decided to use the Balloon Fiesta’s intimate environment by suggesting to a significant other or preparing a marriage from the occasion. Nik western, a bassist exactly who once established for Prince, announced she intends to tie the knot in the Balloon Fiesta. The purple-haired bride aims to have a non-traditional marriage surrounded by a huge selection of hot air balloons.

„it isn’t uncommon for people getting a number of marriage occasions through the Balloon Fiesta,“ Tom mentioned. „would younot want in order to get hitched and fly off in to the future on a hot air balloon?“

Plan a remarkable Date at Balloon Fiesta

If you are in Albuquerque around mid-October, all you have to perform is check out the heavens to feel a sense of wonder. From around the city, you will see numerous hot-air balloons drifting resistant to the backdrop of Sandia Mountains.

You can carry on a lighthearted day from the Albuquerque Overseas Balloon Fiesta and see spectacular sights from the soil and from atmosphere. This nine-day extravaganza wows people of all age groups. Each day, as 550+ balloons take off one after the other, a sense of admiration descends upon attendees. After that, at night, couples snuggle right up collectively under blankets because playground turns out to be aglow aided by the light of propane fireplaces from countless fixed balloons.

The Balloon Fiesta supplies a great, energetic, and special big date place for partners finding something away from flat dinner-and-movie routine. Should it be your first day or the 40th wedding anniversary, you’ll have a phenomenal time consuming the views associated with the Balloon Fiesta.

„The romanticism of flight is actually undeniable,“ Tom stated. „as soon as you take off, you’ve got not a clue in which you’ll secure. That produces plenty of spontaneity and excitement. That’s what makes balloon flight such a prominent go out task.“

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